Secret Admirer Pokies – Maximum Spins Under $100

Secret Admirer is a Microgaming pokie that you can find on Safe Casino and other respectable casinos that carry the Microgaming brand. This is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and for those who enjoy sickly sweet romance any day of the year.


There is a lot of red, pink and purple on Secret Admirer, creating a theme that wouldn’t be out of place in a Persian brothel. The graphics are simple, but the overall aesthetic hides this well. Make no mistake about it, this is not a great looking game, but that is offset by the returns these symbols generate, which are impressive. In fact, you can get 2, 500x for the top two symbols, and 5, 000x for the wild. There are several others that return more than 1, 000x as well.

Secret Admirer even has a «gamble» feature, which comes in handy when you pickup small and insignificant wins, allowing you to try and exchange these for something more substantial.


There are 9 paylines on Secret Admirer, and you can play these for what amounts to just $0. 01 each, or $0. 09 per spin. The maximum bet is $10 per payline, or $90 per spin.

Bonus Rounds

Secret Admirer doesn’t have a hugely impressive free spins round, but it does have a smaller one that is triggered frequently. This round will only give you a handful of free spins, but generally it will land at least 3x more often than bigger free spins rounds on other pokies. There are no other features of note.


Secret Admirer needs more features, because as things stand the one feature that it does have is far too limited to stand up on its own. It is one of the weakest free spin features we have encountered, and when you add the poor aesthetic to this, it doesn’t make for an impressive title overall.