Rugby Star Pokies Review

Real Money Pokies 2016 The Star series of pokies is one of the most popular that Microgaming has created, and one that continues to churn out impressive titles. Rugby Star is one of the latest of these, developed and launched a few weeks prior to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which was held in England and was eventually won by New Zealand.

This game can be found on most Microgaming casinos, including Royal Vegas.


Rugby Star has a very similar aesthetic to Football Star, albeit with a different shaped ball. There are some simple, generic images of rugby players, teams and more, and the graphics are very bold and colorful, which can be a little off-putting to begin with, but is something you will get used to.


You can bet for as little as $0. 01 on Rugby Star, and this will still qualify you for all of the features. It will also qualify you for the base game jackpot, which comes in at a staggering 120, 000 coins. Of course, the more you bet, then the more these coins will be worth, but even at just $0. 01, you’ll still get a big return.

Bonus Rounds

Rugby Star, just like the other Star games, has a Rolling Reel feature, which serves to make the base game a little more interesting and rewarding. There is also a quick, randomly triggered feature which pays a moderate amount, and a free spins feature, which pays much more on average. There are a minimum of 15 free spins in this round and a maximum of 25, depending on how many scatter symbols (the rugby ball symbol) you trigger it with.


As big rugby fans, we were predisposed to enjoy this pokie and we did. It could have been improved in a few areas, particularly the graphics, but the gameplay is solid and the RTP is also strong, which is the most important thing.