How to quit playing at an online casino?

Problems with gambling can happen to anyone. Fun and harmless entertainment can turn into an unhealthy obsession with serious consequences. It can complicate family relationships, interfere with work, and lead to financial disaster. Players who want to stop playing at online casinos think about the money spent. The thought arises to return them, but how to make moneyback at an online casino?

What if I lost all the money?

Dealing with losing gambling can be difficult, especially if you’re a beginner. When playing in an online casino, you should understand that failure is an integral part of it. Everyone loses, even professional players. But if the reaction is too severe, addiction can develop. If you lose all your money, you must:

* Stop playing. You can set account exceptions and limit your budget, play time, favorite game categories. * Do not try to cover losses by betting even larger amounts. Most of the players keep playing because they think victory is just around the corner. This is a wrong and dangerous approach. If you keep playing, you can lose even more, as the probability of getting a big win at an online casino is quite low.

* Consider the consequences. Losing money in gambling will have many consequences, especially after over budgeting. The stress level will increase, and problems arise in relationships with loved ones. Don’t try to hide your losses. It is important to tell family members about them and to accept the unpleasant situation.

* Seek professional help. On the Internet there are websites of specialized organizations that help solve problems with gambling. When playing at an online casino, it is important to control your budget and be able to stop. It is advisable to set a certain limit for each day and not go beyond it under any circumstances.

Real refund methods

Indeed, there are several ways to get money back from the casino. This applies only to bank payments. Unfortunately, law enforcement and lawyers cannot help a client who has lost a lot. But international banking law provides for the possibility of challenging payments, provided that evidence of fraud is provided by the recipient. This is called Chargeback, a procedure that protects the interests of bank card holders. So, it is possible to initiate the refund procedure if:

* the account has been blocked;

* the transaction did not go through due to a technical failure;

* bonuses with mandatory wagering were accrued automatically after making a deposit;

* requests for withdrawal of money were repeatedly rejected. If any of the above happens without giving a reason, you can request a refund. Collecting the most complete information about possible fraud on the part of the casino is an important point that increases the chances of resolving the situation in favor of the client.


It is theoretically possible to recover money spent at the casino, but achieving a positive result is rather difficult. Today many casinos provide cashback bonuses to customers. With their help, you can return part of the lost funds. On a weekly basis, the company returns a percentage of the total lost amount. This method of reimbursement will reduce the amount of money spent without lengthy proceedings with casino employees and banks.