Halloween Sweepstakes

Halloween Sweepstakes

Halloween SweepstakesAre you ready for the best experience of 2015?! As this year is just about to end, we have brought to you the most exiting promo you will get to participate at! Greatly celebrating Halloween, All Slots Casino is proud to present you with Halloween Sweepstakes Contest at All Slots ! 5 of you will be winning 1,000 credits each, 10 of you will be enjoying 500 credits each, 25 of you will receive 100 credits each and the list goes on and on. In addition to that, at this exiting promotion, you have more control than ever before on the prizes you will be receiving!

The prizes are combined of the amount of loyalty points you will be accumulating during each round and from the number of days you will be playing every week! The more days you will participate at the promotion, the greater your multipliers will become and the greater your total prizes will be! So don’t wait any longer! Sign up now and start playing! Each day you miss is a missed opportunity for a greater multiplier… don’t let the chances pass you by!

I Want to Start At This Very Moment! How and When Can I Join?

You are surely welcome to join us! In order to be a part of the promotion, all you are requested to do is opt in to the promo. Three different methods are offered for you to do so: method #1 is by clicking “ Earn Tickets Now ” on the promotional email of Halloween Sweepstakes . Method #2 is by entering the “ My Offerings ” section at your casino. Method #3 would be clicking “ Check My Tickets ” on the lading page of this incredible promotion! Once you are a part of this promotion, you can start playing and winning a lot of loyalty points. For every 50 points you will win, 1 ticket will be immediately yours and it will serve you for your prizes.

The promotion itself will be combined of four subsequent rounds, and during each round you will have the opportunity to win the maximal prize all over again. The first round will start on October 6 th first thing on the morning (7 AM GMT) and you will be able to play and win until the very last minute of this week, at 23:59 PM GMT of October 10 th .

The second round will start at the very next day, October 11 th at 7:00 AM GMT. This round will be longer than the previous, and you will be able to enjoy a whole week of games and prizes until October 17 th at 23:59 PM GMT. Once this week is over a third round will already be getting started and from October 18 th at 00:01 AM GMT up until October 24 th 23:59 PM GMT, you will be able to play, win and enjoy as you never enjoyed before! Are you more excited than even before by now?

Well, you better be since the very last round of the promotion is about to get started and it is definitely your very last chance to make the most out of the experience! October 25 th is the day your last round start at 00:01 AM GMT is the time you want to be in front of your computer or your iPhone! This week will be more thrilling than all the previous ones and you will be able to seize and enjoy it until October 31 23:59 PM GMT.

Where Can I Play This Promotion?

One of the most amazing things about the promotions is that it is being offered at multiple casinos as well as multiple platforms! No matter how you like playing your games and where you prefer to be, you can be sure you’ll find the way to be a part of the fuss. Our iPhone casino offers you the opportunity to play from any place you are at , including your garden, favorite beach, and even the mall!
Multiple iPhone pokies games will be offered to you on a constant basis so you will never get bored! In addition to that, you can be confident a wide variety of casinos will be hosting this promotion so you can choose which one of them you prefer the most. Surely, you would firstly prefer to check the offerings of All Slots Casino which is a constant host of many incredible and unforgettable promotions and your satisfaction will be guaranteed over there for a very long while.

In addition to that, you can always take a look at First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino, All Jackpots Casino, and The even VIP Lounge Casino . You will quickly realize each such casino offers you much more than the promotion itself (great welcome packages, different additional promotions, multiple amazing games and much more than that…). Therefore, you are more than welcome to look for your favourite one.

Tell Me about the Prizes!

Prizes are definitely the most exciting part at the promotion and you can win a lot of them! First of all, as you win 50 points you are eligible for 1 ticket, 100 =are worth 2 tickets, 150 will equal 3 tickets and so on. In addition to that, not only the number of points you have will determine your overall tickets amount by the end of the week but also the number of days you play and participate at this fun experience.

Playing for 3 days will grant you with a 2X multipliers which will apply on all the tickets you won so far, playing for 5 days will reward you with the 3X multiplier and if you come back each and every day, the reward for your 7 days loyalty will be the 5X multiplier ! Regarding the credits prizes previously mentioned (which can be summed up in 25,000 credits awarded weekly ) you will probably like to know the winners will be announced by the end of each round which would be on: October 11 th , October 18 th , October 25 th and November the 1 st .
Start playing now!