credit card

As well as making sure that the mobile casino offers a great game selection, some rewarding bonuses and is a safe and secure place to play, one of the most pressing issues that you will need to address when playing at the iPhone casino is the banking method that you will use.
The ‘original and best’ payment method at the online and mobile casino is the credit card payment method. The credit card casino is a great payment option for most players as they already own at least one credit card and they will usually have experience in how to use a credit card for purchasing services and shopping online.


When online casinos were first introduced credit cards were pretty much the only payment option for players who wished to deposit and withdraw funds and at the online casino. Later many other payment options such as the e-wallets became available offering alternatives to the credit cards. In addition, the mobile casino was introduced and it is most fitting that the great strides made in the technological world were matched by equally cutting edge payment options.

To fund your iPhone account using your credit card, simply highlight the credit card option on the casino banking page, input your credit card number, the name of the cardholder and the billing details of the card. All of the credit card details will remain safe and secure with the mobile casino. Your funds will be immediately transferred to your iPhone casino and you are ready to play.
Some credit cards will have stricter guidelines when it comes to withdrawing funds from the iPhone casino so it is important to check out the policy with your individual credit card company before beginning to play at the iPhone casino.


Many of the credit card providers offer iPhone owners the option of acquiring a prepaid card even if you do not have a credit check or even a bank account.

To acquire a prepaid credit card simply make your way to an iPhone store and check out which credit cards offer you the option of acquiring a prepaid credit card. Once you have acquired a card and activated it you may use it at any iPhone casino that accepts credit cards.
Casino credit card cash can also be withdrawn using a prepaid card and a casino credit card cash advance can be withdrawn in the event that you find yourself in need of cash with no access to a cash machine. Just make sure that you do not get into the habit of withdrawing cash advances from your card too often.


One of the biggest advantages of using a credit card to fund your iPhone casino is that transactions from the credit card company to the mobile casino do not incur any charges.

A further benefit of using credit cards for iPhone banking, is that there is no need to spend time opening a third party deposit method such as an e-wallet. Most players already own a credit card and are familiar with using it when making transactions online. In addition, unlike many of the other deposit methods, a credit card is universally accepted by all of the mobile casinos including the iPhone casino and you do not have to waste time searching for a casino that will accept his payment method.

Most credit card companies will also allow you to transfer your winnings back into your casino account thereby streamlining the mobile gaming experience at the iPhone casino.


Using a credit card when playing at the iPhone casino is the perfect solution for fast, free and instant mobile casino banking.