Big Top Pokies

ircus Themed Pokies A circus themed pokie that was developed by Microgaming, Big Top invites you to the best show on earth, with animals, acrobatics and so much more. This pokie is available on Royal Vegas Casino.


Big Top has just 9 paylines, which is not necessarily indicative of the time it was created, as many modern pokies are created with such a low number of paylines. Simply put, it’s all about variety, because whilst the majority of players want more paylines and more features, there are those who prefer the old-school style, those who like to keep things as simple as possible.


Big Top works on a coin/credit system, which you set the value for. These can cost as little as $0. 25 each, which is therefore the lowest amount you will pay for a single spin. The maximum bet is 45 coins, which adds-up to quite a large amount, even if you have set the value of those coins very low.

Bonus Rounds

This is a basic pokie, and whilst it is not quite as basic as the 1 payline, 3 reel pokies that Microgaming have a lot of, it still has the hallmarks of those basic pokies. One of these is the fact that it does not have a bonus round. There are no big graphical adventures, no free spins, no instant wins. Nothing. This is disappointing to say the least, but it perhaps not entirely unexpected.


Big Top doesn’t have the best graphics. They are very basic, with big and bold colors used, almost in an effort to hide that. It’s not all about looks, of course, but Big Top has nothing else going for it either. There is no big RTP, some very low paying symbols and no bonus rounds to speak of. All in all, this is a poor attempt from Microgaming and one that will be ignored by hardened pokie players, us included.